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Alcohol Meter

Alcohol Meter (lion intoxilyzer 6000)

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Alcohol Meter  (lion intoxilyzer 6000)

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The lion intoxilyzer 6000 breath test system.
The new, state-of-the-art lion intoxilyzer 6000stationary (mains operated), infrared analyser is designed to comply with the OIML specifications. It also meets the United Kingdom Home Office requirements in respect of evidential breath alcohol analysis for police use in the UK.
But the lion intoxilyzer 6000is not just the most technically advanced analyser of its type available, it is part of a complete computerised system. It integrates with theLIBISprocedural software to deal with the suspect from the moment he arrives at the police station, right through to his ultimate appearance in Court and, with the COBRA communications and database enhancement software, to his ultimate inclusion in official statistics.
The complete lion intoxilyzer 6000evidential system, with LIBIS, is designed to meet the total demands of today's police forces in dealing with drink-drive suspects:
  • with a minimum of delay
  • with the minimum of paperwork
  • to defined legal procedures but minimising the chance of error
    The instrument may run in conjunction with either a 'dry-gas' or 'wet-bath' breath simulator for accurate calibration checking as a part of each subject breath test operation.
    Various hardware and software options are available, as well as a range of accessory items.

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